Elements of Shows

There are numerous ways of formatting a show, and the elements that you include may depend on the type of podcast you are producing. Music podcasts tend to follow the simple format where a host introduces an artist, maybe with some talk about the artist's background, and then plays a song. Other shows may be a lot more complicated and have different segments mixed with various background music, loops and sound effects.

The format depends to some extent on the type of show you want to produce. To help you define this, you need to answer some questions:

  • What do I enjoy most?
  • What subject am I passionate about?
  • What topics can I speak on as an expert?
  • What are subjects that people seek me out for?
  • What do I do for fun?
  • What topics do I have a lot of fun talking about?

Once you've got your focus and before you start recording your podcast, you should have an idea of what elements you want to include. What format will you go with?

Segment Examples

(From http://www.how-to-podcast-tutorial.com/index.htm)

Here is an example segment structure for a music podcast:
1. Intro Theme Song
2. Welcome Message
3. Announcements
4. Song Intro
5. Song
6. Song Intro
7. Song
8. Music News
9. Song Intro
10. Song
11. Final Comments
12. Outro Theme Song

Here is an example segment structure for a tech news podcast:
1. Intro & Welcome
2. Announcements
3. Top 10 Tech News Headlines with Commentary
4. Tech Quick Tip
5. Outro

Here is an example segment structure for a review show (movies, food, etc.):
1. Intro Theme Song
2. Welcome
3. Announcements
4. First Review
5. Second Review
6. Interview
7. Third Review
8. Final Comments
9. Outro Music

These are just examples. The nice thing about podcasting is that you have the choice to produce a show any way you like.

Other Elements

In addition to the main segement of a show, you may want to considerother elements. These include:

  • Show ID/Tagline
  • blog comments and email
  • voice mail messages
  • phone calls
  • segments from other podcasts
  • promos
  • sposorship and advertisements

Here's an example outline for a talk show with some of these elements:

  1. Show ID
  2. Intro music
  3. Greetings and thanks
  4. Listener mail
  5. Topic (short)
  6. Listener voice mailmessage
  7. Topic (long)
  8. URL/phone number
  9. Outro Music